“Sold before you know it?”; “Sheer Magic with a Sign?”; A friend in Deed?” “The key to your dream house?” How about Beth is the someone who really cares, she’ll work to make your dream house come true.

Cheers and all that!
Carole V.


Ellie is an amazing Agent and an awesome person.
You can trust she’ll be up front and on your side!

~Frederick J. Stemp Jr.


My dream of being able to own a home again all started by me telling Danielle about a rent to own I saw and had questions about how the financing worked!!!! She heard the terms and said, “Oh no! We can do better!” Danielle has done such a great job helping me and know how hard she has worked in order for me to turn a dream into reality… Danielle, thank you so much for ALL the work you have done for, and with, me to help me become a homeowner! You’re going to be a great real estate agent because you put 100% into what you do. Keep reaching for the stars (Four Stars) and your dreams will come true too!!

~Elizabeth Mills


Wanting to move to the Melbourne area from Seattle, we contacted Four Star Real Estate. From the very beginning, our agent Nancy was a star! She asked us all the right questions making sure we would see everything that was on our wish list in our price range. Nancy really made us think of what type of home we would want. She explained the pros and cons of a larger home versus a smaller home. She made us think about whether we wanted waterfront home versus a home with more land. Knowing we really wanted a pool, Nancy explained the differences the types of pools available (salt versus fresh water). Nancy really understood the demographics of our new area. All of this let us really focus on what we really wanted in a home.

She started sending us listings via email so we could preview potential listings. She kept in contact with us and kept refining our emails before we even got here. Once here, she picked us up and off we went looking for our new home. As we were driving to our potential homes, Nancy would tell us what the neighborhoods were like and what was available in the Melbourne area for us to enjoy. She gave us a good flavor of the Melbourne area. She was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the properties we looked at. We found the perfect place on the first day! Her negotiation skills in closing the deal saved us thousands! Nancy made us feel completely at ease through the entire process. The house we choose had everything and more that we could wish for. Being from out of state and on a timeline, Nancy’s help didn’t stop with the sale. She helped us find an inspector for our new house. Our house was inspected only days after we signed our agreement!

From start to finish, Nancy made this process seamless! We found our dream home, we paid less than we were expecting, and we understood the process and made a great friend in the process! I would highly recommend anyone moving here use this company!

~Sincerely Leslie and Chris Carter