How will syndication affect real estate agents and brokers going forward?

April 7, 2015 is the date all of our listings in Brevard county could go absent on… Zillow.  Ahhh.??? the quiet? or the panic?  Zillow is going on their own and we need to decide are we with’em or without ’em!  I totally see the point of why we should keep all of our data exclusive and then buyers and sellers would have to contact us directly and we could capture what we work hard for, I’m in!  However, the public has been educated (not properly, but educated)  I much prefer an educated consumer, we can really get the to guts of wants and needs and peel back all the rest and I believe, end up with a happier client.  No one wants to feel that they could’ve or should’ve looked longer or at more homes to see the whole environment.  Partnering with these sites will take finesse and a whole lot of strength standing up against the “big boys” but the more we give away, the more we might end up losing.  Thoughts?

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